The Raised Floor Perspective

​Almost all professional industries have publications such as white papers, journals, and magazines. These publications are filled with useful and helpful insight to the latest trends and technology to keep you up to date with the rest of your industry. In the data center world we are no exception. You can find a number of white papers issued from companies within the industry online as well as journals and magazines. All these publications are filled with great information on building, operating, and improving any and all types of data centers. Working at a colocation data center in downtown Chicago, I like to stay current on industry trends and new technologies being utilized at data centers and industry articles are a great way to do that. Most often I gain knowledge from reading these articles but very seldom get any information that I can act on or go out on the raised floor and implement. How many of us actually get to make the big decisions? For any industry as one climbs up that ladder the positions available to be filled get smaller and smaller. Yet these publications have articles filled with new build data centers and revolutionary new cooling infrastructures. Both are very good things to know and learn about, but not my daily focus as I go to work. Therefore, as a contributing editor at PUELink, I will focus on and write about daily data center issues that employees on the raised floor deal with. The Raised Floor Perspective, as I call it, will give insight, trends and advice that facility managers and technicians can implement as soon as they walk out on the raised floor. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and interacting with all the readers as I start this journey. See you on the raised floor.

Guest contributor Travis Nelson


2 thoughts on “The Raised Floor Perspective”

    1. There will be a page with white papers and publications once they are approved by CTL for distribution. However, Travis’ page is focusing on practical aspects of operations. He is looking at where the perfect world of white papers merges with reality. I am sure he will have plenty of links and references to other publications within his posts, but they are just enhancing the focus of his “Raised Floor Perspective”.


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