Earth Day!! What’s a data center to do?

Earth Day Flag

Happy Earth Day! I just wanted to take some time to acknowledge this occasion and what I think it means to data center operators.


Earth Day started around 1970 and when it gained traction, the idea was to educate and inform while celebrating our planet. Well in that vein, I did some reading today on energy efficiency and conservation. Where else, besides in heavy industry, do we have the opportunities to save millions of kWh a year? Lots of different estimates of energy consumption exist, but roughly 1.5-2% of all energy is spent in data centers in the United States (good luck finding a solid source for that number). And as IT becomes a bigger sector of the economy, so too has the consumption of data centers increased. These old centers give us so many opportunities.

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Uptime Institute Network Conferance

This week I had the pleasure of presenting at the Uptime Institutes Group 3 and 5 network Conferance with my colleague John Gray. First, let me thank the Uptime Institute for the opportunity and also the terrific audience. We received terrific feedback and engaged in some really great discussions. I would also like to thank the other presenters for their fantastic presentations, especially the team from Thompson Reuters who presented on two fantastic topics and the Fidelity team for hosting and providing great input to the group. What a week!

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