About – Alan Lachapelle

Thanks for visiting my site. I plan to discuss my thoughts and ideas regarding effective and efficient operation of data centers. In particular, I want to focus on existing infrastructure and how to maximize the utilization (Install more server power) while at the same time improving efficiency.

About me:

I served in the United States Navy as a Machinist Mate on nuclear submarines. I was an Engineering Laboratory Technician, which means I got to play with lots of radioactive stuff, and was a qualified Engineering Watch Supervisor , in charge of the entire engine room, before I got out (usually reserved for someone who served for many more years). After my six years of service, I decided to spend some time getting “my learn on”, and completed my BBA, followed by my MBA with a concentration in Finance and Management.

While obtaining my MBA, I was also working for a loss prevention firm evaluating risks at any manner of facility. After that, I started with Savvis ( now CenturyLink Technology Solutions) and was quickly promoted to Lead Mechanical Engineer at our downtown Chicago data center. While in that position, I crafted a project plan to improve the sites efficiency, custom designing several measure which right now are saving about a million dollars a year in energy (I actually received the Savvis Summit award for my work on that project, which is awarded to 7 individuals at the company annually). About 8 months after that, I took a position in the Central Engineering team, serving our companies central region. This is a very exciting role, where I’ve had some great opportunities to work on an extensive variety of projects. It has been a great learning experience and I really enjoy my job. I’m always looking forward to the next challenge and opportunity and CenturyLink has been extremely supportive of a lot of the things I have been trying to accomplish.

I like rap music, flying toy helicopters, running in 5ks and 8ks ( my wife is encouraging me to increase my ks!). I brew my own delicious beer. The last book I read is The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver ( as of writing this post) and I have a translation of Art of War and some leadership books next on my list.

Oh, and go White Sox!





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